Eyetovit Eye Drops | Dharavati Herbs | Herbal Eye Drops | A Herbal Eye Tonic to Enhance your Vision | Pack of 4 (10×4= 40ml)

  • It relieve dryness and irritation, promoting comfort.
  • Removes the Injurious Particles.
  • It increase comfort by reducing the feeling of a surface scratch.



Eyetovit Eye Drops is a unique Ayurvedic medicine. This antiseptic sterile solution is a powerful eye tonic with non-irritant qualities. Al-Shams Eye Drops works remarkably in protecting the eyes from adverse environmental conditions comprising dust, excessive heat, fumes, smoke, pollution, humidity, dryness, and exposure to the digital life. Usage: Two drops in each eye two times a day (anytime). Precautions: Do not touch the dropper tip with bare hands or any surface, as it may contaminate the medicine. Use the medicine within one month of breaking the medicine seal. Avoid direct sunlight. Side Effects: No Side Effects