Herbal Tulsi Arka 60ml (20mlx3) | Tulsi Dhara Ayurvedic Tulsi Drops | Concentrated Extract of 5 Rare Tulsi | Panch Tulsi Drops for Cough & Cold | Holy Basil Tulsi Drops | Immunity Booster | Combo Pack of 3

  • Gives Immune Support, Helps Wound Healing.
  • Eases Respiratory Illness.
  • Helps The Body Combat Physical and Mental Stress.



Dharavati Herbs presents Tulsi Dhara tulsi drops which has a lot of benefits. It has super natural health curing qualities and helpful in all types of Allergies. It is rich in anti oxidants and helps in detoxification and protection of body from toxins. It also acts as an immunity booster. 100 % Pure Herbal Product, with no added preservatives and chemicals. It also helps in relieving Stress. Dharavati Tulsi Dhara Drops is the extract of 5 rare Tulsi. This Panch Tulsi Drops helps in Boosting Immunity and gives you Strength. It is beneficial for the Digestive System also. It gives immune support and helps in wound healing. Also eases Respiratory Illness.