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India is a country with 29 states, 7 union territories, and a total population of more than 1.40 billion. The country is expecting a three-fold acceleration in the market of Ayurvedic Tablets. It is predicted that this market segment will touch $8 billion in the next three years. Ayurvedic medicines especially Tablets are vastly accepted and in high demand across the Nation. Thus investment in this segment will be beneficial. Dharavati Herbs is one of the leading pharmaceutical company that manufactures and deliver premium quality and result-oriented Ayurvedic tablet range. We are the Best Third Party Ayurvedic Tablets Manufacturing Company in India that holds rich experience and is committed to providing only the best quality Ayurvedic Tablets to both the clients and customers. Our company has a knowledgeable team that includes pharma experts, herbal practitioners, manufacturing specialists, logistics suppliers, and many more.

Dharavati Herbs is a well-established division of Metlar Formulations that exclusively deals with a broad spectrum of Ayurvedic Herbal products. We rank among India’s most renowned manufacturing company that is engaged in the innovation, production, and distribution of the latest Ayurvedic Tablets. We have a complete range of compressive herbal solutions under one roof with an unswerving emphasis on the client’s needs. Being the Top Ayurvedic Tablets Manufacturer in India, Dharavati Herbs is offering third party manufacturing of Ayurvedic tablets. If you are looking to start a business with famous Ayurvedic tablets, or you want to make any addition to your current medicine portfolio, then connect with Dharavati Herbs now!Ayurvedic PCD Pharma Company in West Bengal

Dial us at +91-9988312012, +91-9988368960, or send us an email at dharavatiherbs@gmail.com to know more about the best offers and manufacturing deals!

Why Dharavati Herbs is the Best Ayurvedic Tablets Manufacturer in India:-

Established in the year 2011, Dharavati Herbs is among the leading manufacturer and suppliers of a quality rich range of Ayurvedic Herbal Tablets in India. The company aims to enhance the health of everyone and meet the surging necessities of pharma companies, medium-scale firms, and other organizations through its products. We are famous for providing a wide range of Ayurvedic products with premium quality and zero side effects.

The company holds enormous experience as a prime manufacturer. We deliver Ayurvedic Tablets that possess the best shelf life and reflect a perfect blend of natural herbs, purity, innovation, and modern technology. The qualities that make Dharavati Herbs the Top Third Party Ayurvedic Tablets Manufacturing Company in India are:

  1. Then company always tests its products to find out their quality and safety levels.
  2. Dharavati Herbs is ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
  3. We use modern equipment to fabricate and manufacture our Ayurvedic Tablets.
  4. A professional team of experienced, educated, and skilled pharma experts are working at our premises.
  5. We are accredited with GMP-WHO certifications.
  6. The company has spacious warehouses for the germ-free storage of Ayurvedic products.

Effective Ayurvedic Tablets Delivered with Premium Quality Assurance

Dharavati Herbs is the Top Ayurvedic Tablets Manufacturer in India that has been consistently putting efforts to supply a Premium range of Ayurvedic Herbal Tablets. We use pure herbs and natural extracts that are rich in antioxidants. Our tablet range is packed with a richness of medicinal properties. They are packed using top-notch raw material and properly labeled before sending into the market for sale.

Our entire range is designed after advanced research, testing, and manufactured using modular technology machinery. With our products, you will get the opportunity to double your sales and earn better profits as our products are vastly demanded across every big hospital, pharma institution, and clinic across the nation. The range available at the Best Third Party Ayurvedic Tablets Manufacturing Company in India are:

Tablets Uses
11-SHOT (Premier brand) Improve Stamina, Improve Sperm Count, Increase Semen Volumes
CONSTIREX TABLET Helps in Constipation, Acidity, Flatulence, Gastric, Irregular Bowel Regulation
KOFRIX TABLET (Chewable Tablet) Helps with relief from Dry Cough & Cold
DIZICURE TABLET Improves Indigestion, Relieves Flatulence, Gastric Disturbance, Hyper Acidity
XOPILES Fissure Healing, Shrinkage of Piles Mass, Internal & External Hemorrhoids, Laxative Effect
STONER STOP Urinary Calculi, Recurrent Calculi, Bladder Calculi, Induced Calculi, U.T.I Kidney Calculi, Burning Micturition
Heparist Tablet Loss of Appetite, Indigestion, Flatulence, Hepatic Problem, Jaundice, Fatty Liver
Likorio Tablet Leucorrhoea, Giddiness & Fatigue, Weakness, Monthly Irregular Cycle
Misthi-Cure Diabetes Mellitus, Hyperglycemia, Muscular Weakness, Weakness Due to Diabetes Glucosuria
Pearls of Moringa Used as an Excellent Dietary Supplement, Regulate Immune System, Reduce Blood Pressure
Cardi-Rex Hypertension, Edema in Hypertensive, Early Hypertension
Orthotic Bone Fracture, Weak Bones (Osteoporosis), Join Pain & inflammation, Popular Joint Aid for Athletes

Robust Infrastructural Arrangements to Achieve Superior Manufacturing Efficiency

As the best Ayurvedic Tablets Manufacturer in India, Dharavati Herbs owns state-of-the-art infrastructural and production facilities that meet International Standards. The company has well-established premises that are situated in excise-free zones. Our production labs as highly furnished with imported machinery, skilled & trained manpower, and modern R&D arrangements that assist us to construct and deliver the highest quality Ayurvedic products meeting international standards.

Our plant is also instilled with quality testing labs and an eco-friendly working atmosphere that supports our team to work freely and maximize efficiency. Below are the things that make the premises of the Top Third Party Ayurvedic Tablets Manufacturing Company in India stands out:

  1. Our premises is FDA approved and situated under excise free zones,
  2. The manufacturing and production areas of Dharavati Herbs are instilled with tiles and covered with glaze tiles for better hygiene purposes.
  3. We adhere to all industrial Quality norms and Safety standards.
  4. Our facilities have powerhouses, Air handling units, drainage systems, dust extraction systems, and Air conditioning facilities.
  5. The entire premises is secured by CCTV cameras for added safety and security.
  6. Cross-contamination is avoided by segregating all processes in each zona.
  7. We have separate storage warehouses for the bulk and secured storage of products.

Dharavati Herbs – Delivering Top End Ayurvedic Tablets with Quality at the Core

We are a brand that can be trusted for getting quality rich Ayurvedic formulations. To maintain the position of the Best Third Party Ayurvedic Tablets Manufacturing Company in India, Dharavati Herbs has adopted a few measures and norms to regulate, improve and enhance the quality of our products. We follow all the international and industrial rules & regulations to bring out the safest and quality assured range of Ayurvedic products. Here are the quality measures adopted by Dharavati Herbs:

  1. Our Ayurvedic products are passed through a rigorous series of quality tests.
  2. A team of quality checkers is working to inspect our formulations before sending them into the market.
  3. We use natural herbs and pure extracts that are handed over to us by the industrial best suppliers.
  4. All the products are packed under layered, secure, and hygienic packing.

Connect With the Top Ayurvedic Tablets Manufacturer in India

If you want to work with a company that not only provides quality Ayurvedic tablets but also offers genuine deals, then contact Dharavati Herbs. We have achieved maximum customer and client satisfaction levels through our international level infrastructural facilities, secured packing, proper branding & labeling, timely delivery, skilled manpower, innovation, R&D, and much more.

The company adheres to all CSR responsibilities and recycling norms to promote more eco-friendly operations. By partnering with Dharavati Herbs, you will get unparalleled business and profit-earning opportunities. We will provide you with all kinds of support. Below we have listed the benefits of choosing the Best Third Party Ayurvedic Tablets Manufacturing Company in India, Dharavati Herbs:

  1. We make sure to deliver quality-tested Ayurvedic Tablets.
  2. The company assures you of the quality packaging of products.
  3. Dharavati Herbs is capable to meet bulk orders as well.
  4. You will get 24X7 round-the-clock customer support.
  5. All the products will be delivered within a short span of time.

So, partner with Dharavati Herbs and grow your business in the Indian Ayurvedic sector.

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