Best Ayurvedic PCD Franchise Company in India

Dharavati Herbs is one of the leading Ayurvedic Company in the Indian market that exclusively modernize, fabricate and deliver premium quality Ayurvedic herbal medicines. The company is a prime division of India’s topmost pharma company “Metlar Formulations”. We manufacture and supply more than 100+ life-saving Ayurvedic products that help patients to cure healthcare diseases. We at the Best Ayurvedic PCD Company in India, Dharavati Herbs are working to enhance the health markers across the nation by delivering the highest quality medical products and services. The company is successfully bridging the gap between Ayurvedic literature and modern technology. We aim to deliver innovative formulations with more efficient and visible results at affordable prices.

Being the Best Ayurvedic PCD Franchise Company in India, Dharavati Herbs is bringing you a concrete range of Ayurvedic solutions that are made with 100% natural herbs using Ayurvedic science. Started in the year 2011, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that has fostered a mindset to consistently offer profitable and growth-oriented Ayurvedic PCD Franchise business opportunities across PAN India. Our result-oriented product range includes a wide array of healthcare solutions covering Tablets, Juices, Drops, Creams, Capsules, Syrups, Oil, Gels, etc. Dharavati Herbs is infusing ancient Ayurvedic literature into modern science and bringing you reliable, safe, and efficient herbal products.

Upsurging Demand for Ayurvedic Medicines in India

Ayurveda is existing for ages and Ayurvedic remedies have been used for decades to treat and cure healthcare problems. India is one of the biggest democratic countries that is famous around the globe for its traditions, cultures, and Ayurvedic practices. The demand for this medicine range is skyrocketing in the Indian market. Plus, the herbal sector is facing a positive boom phase across the country.

The complete valuation of the Indian Ayurvedic Herbal sector is expected to rise above almost 500 billion Indian rupees. Evaluating the statistics and considering the numbers, it is quite evident that the Up surging demand for Ayurvedic Medicine in India has created a magnificent scope of dealing with Ayurvedic PCD Franchise Company in India. This market holds great profit earning and business expansion potential. Therefore, if you have plans to enter the pharma sector and you want to get the most value for your investment, then consider investing in the Ayurvedic Herbal range.

Best Ayurvedic Herbal Company for PCD Pharma Franchise in India – Dharavati Herbs:-

Dharavati Herbs is a proud manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of more than 100+ top-class Ayurvedic Herbal Products. We are a legally protected company that owns astonishing goodwill in the Indian market. The company provides a synthesis of modern science, advanced technology, and ancient pure Ayurveda. At Dharavati Herbs, you will get a beautiful blend of Ayurveda and tradition. Usage of modular instruments, stringent quality checking measures, and usage of Pure Natural Herbs are found to be the best part of the Top Ayurvedic PCD Company in India, Dharavati Herbs.

The company has profound knowledge and literature of extracts and ingredients that help us to fabricate natural herbal solutions. We have a skilled panel of experienced and qualified Ayurveda experts & practitioners who make heaps of efforts and work with sheer dedication to bringing out the highest possible results. Apart from this, Dharavati Herbs has a PAN Nation presence and we offer Monopoly Based PAN India level Franchise services.

Characteristics of Dharavati Herbs:

  1. We consistently bring out innovative and latest Ayurvedic Herbal solutions.
  2. The company guarantees delivery of Quality inspected and assured product range.
  3. From us, you will get free of cost promotional assistance by the way of promotional tools.
  4. We provide monopoly rights for your region.
  5. The company has tie-ups with India’s best logistics service providers and raw material suppliers.

100% Quality Assured Ayurvedic Range For PCD Pharma Franchise

Get your hands on an impeccable range of Ayurvedic herbal products available at Dharavati Herbs. We have a dedicated team of specialists who use pure herbs to compose natural solutions. Our experts use natural ingredients such as Tulsi, Amla, Shatavari, Kesar, Shilajeet, Muesli, Triphala, Turmeric, etc. deliver an immense range of effective and efficient products. The best part about our products is that they are thoroughly researched, clinically tested and quality inspected.

We have healthy collaborations with the country’s most trusted vendors for raw material collection. These products hold the best shelf-life and they are packed under fully sterilized and air-tight packaging. The Best Ayurvedic PCD Franchise Company in India, Dharavati Herbs possesses a quality inspection team that closely monitor the quality aspects of the products and ensure that they are free from any side effect. We make sure to deliver all the consignments in the most hygienic and safest manner through a powerful transportation network.

Here is the range available at Dharavati Herbs:

  1. Tablet
  2. Capsules
  3. Syrups
  4. Juice
  5. Drops
  6. Oil
  7. Gel Cream

Quality Assurance of Ayurvedic Products at Dharavati Herbs

To maintain the crown of being the Top Ayurvedic PCD Company in India, Dharavati Herbs has given due emphasis on all quality standards & norms. The company has taken excellent care of the quality aspects of the medicines. We are a quality-driven company that is inspired by delivering quality rich and enhanced end results. The final product that we deliver is developed, manufactured, tested, and clinically evaluated according to the DCA (Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1940).

Working with the agenda to provide both our clients & customers a genuine and pure quality Ayurvedic products, Dharavati Herbs has hired a specialized group of quality evaluators who make sure to test and inspect the products to ensure they are Safe, hold better Quality, and provide instant results to the user.

A glance at the quality norms followed at Dharavati Herbs:

  1. We make sure to sanitize and maintain a completely hygienic environment on our premises.
  2. Our team ensures 100% adherence to all International Quality and Safety guidelines.
  3. We use unadulterated and banner-free herbs and substances to compose our products.
  4. All GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) are strictly followed at our premises.
  5. We ensure the highest safety of products by packing them under a superior quality raw material.
  6. Our management has equally divided the premises into separate departments namely Development, Manufacturing, Quality Inspection, Packaging, Shipping, etc.
  7. Wastage and deficiencies are eliminated by following a sophisticated and planned series of quality checks.
  8. Frequent sanitization and sterilization of premises are conducted to prevent contamination.
  9. All the instruments, equipment, machinery, and devices are disinfected using the quality solution.
  10. We have ensured to apply all safety guidelines including wearing masks, aprons, using gloves, and sanitizers.
  11. We have ensured a systematic drainage system and sufficient power arrangements as well.
  12. Our products are properly labeled and branded for avoiding any confusion.

What Advantages You Will Get by Working with Dharavati Herbs for Ayurvedic PCD Franchise

Dharavati Herbs manufacture and deliver medicines that are highly demanded across the nation. We are an esteemed Ayurvedic PCD Franchise Company in India that strives to fulfill the necessities of both the clients and patients by providing them Premium Rich Quality and Value for Money Ayurvedic medicines. Our hardworking workforce tirelessly works to make Dharavati Herbs one of the dominant companies among all. Because of our phenomenal Ayurvedic Herbal Product Range, we have secured a prestigious spot in the industry and earned the trust of the Indian community.

We are working with the sole intent to become the market leader for Herbal PCD Franchise. Our formulations are rich in antioxidants and minerals. Plus they are highly demanded across some of the biggest hospitals, medical institutions, and pharmacies across the country.

Here are the advantages of working with Dharavati Herbs:

  1. Guaranteed timely delivery of the products across all locations.
  2. Ayurvedic medications are prepared and process under modular labs using advanced machinery.
  3. Consistent addition of new and innovative formulations in the product portfolio.
  4. Services rendered as per the necessities and needs of the clients.
  5. You will get Monopoly Rights from our side.
  6. We will provide you with promotional tools without any additional charge.
  7. With us, you can start a business with a bare minimum investment.
  8. Round-the-clock customer support is provided by us.

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